Pay Online

The City of Altoona is now accepting on-line payments for various items.

The following items can be paid under Building Department Payments: Building Permits, Electrical Permits, Plumbing Permits, Mechanical Permits, Contractor License, Plumber License, Electrician License, Rental Reinspection Fees, Property Maintenance Reinspection Fees, Mechanical Device Licenses, Vacant Property Registration, Foreclosed Property Registration, Code Appeals Board Fee, Zoning Hearing Board Fee, Subdivision and Land Development Fees, Building Survey Fees, Business Privilege License Fees.

Payments for other items for which an invoice has been issued can be paid under Miscellaneous Receivables Payments:  Public Access, Life Insurance, Transportation Center Rent and Water, Towing Services, 39th Street Sewer Repairs, Payment plans for Vacant/Reinspection fees on properties, Dog Licenses for vendor collections.