Land Bank & Blight Strategies

Land Bank & Blight Strategies

A Tool Adopted by the City of Altoona to Return Blighted  and Vacant Properties to Productive Use

Mayor Pacifico, Altoona City Council, and the City of Altoona took action to address blight with the formation of a Land Bank. Redevelopment Authority of Altoona became the designated Land Bank by Ordinance 5726 which was adopted on October 10, 2018.

The Redevelopment Authority of Altoona compiled and adopted Land Bank Policies and Procedures on February 15, 2019.

Mayor Pacifico, along with Blair County and Altoona Area School District leaders, signed an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement in August of 2019, with the Altoona Redevelopment Authority, to create a stronger City and improve the quality of life, productive growth and sustainability of the City of Altoona.